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'Do I have what it takes?'

Application *required*
__1)Name. Jodi
__2)Age. 16
__3)DOB. the 17th of September, 1987
__4)Gender. of the female gender
__5)Where do you live. Victoria// Canada
__6)Status. very single
__7)Religion. Agnostic.
__8)Piercings. rook, gauges, lip
_9)Tattoos. Uno, on the shoulder blade region//
_10)Drink?Smoke?Drugs?. No thanks beautiful.

Can you...
_11)Wink. Only when it's appropriate.
_12)Curl your tongue. If I struggle with it for a while.
_13)Dance. That's what hip's are for.
_14)Touch your nose with your tongue. On a good day.
_15)Wiggle your ears. In a perfect world.
_16)Cross your eyes. Professional eye crosser, extraordinaire.

What do you think about...
_17)Gays. Should be legally allowed to marry one another.
_18)Abortion. Murder//white out. (exception to rape)
_19)Pre-Marital Sex. What of it? A persons own choice..
_20)Virgins. Are beautiful.
_21)Religion. Provides reason for those who need answers.
_22)Inter-racial relationships. Rock the love boat.
_23)Death sentence. Is a sad thing. Say someone was wrongfully accused, you know.. framed? Off with his head (figuratively) then they find out its the wrong guy?

_24)Your top 5 bands. ouch. recently...
//the blood brothers.
//every time i die.
//the mars volta.
//misery signals.
//shai hulud.
_25)Favorite food.
_26)Subject. Mathematics//Art Foundations.
_27)Book. Breakfast of Champions.
_28)Store. Still life, rebel rebel, other vintage clothing stores. Favorite commercial store? Club Monaco.
_29)Web*site. Avenged Sevenfold MessageBoard.
_30)Clothing brand. Club Monaco.
_31)Country. Canada.
_32)State. CA?.
_33)City. Vancouver.

Last but not least...
_34)Why should we accept you? Because I like to sing in the shower. I can play the spoons like a madman, while shaking my hips like I've got nothing to lose. ...oh, and I like the blood brothers. they're tuffXtuff =)

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