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'Do I have what it takes?'

__1)Name.- kat
__3)DOB.- 88-25-12
__4)Gender.- i have a pussy
__5)Where do you live.- chulajuana
__6)Status.- single but of course
__7)Religion.- catholic... i guess
__8)Piercings.- one in each ear but i dont wear for some reason
_9)Tattoos.- none yet
_10)Drink?Smoke?Drugs?.- uh none.... ive only drank a few times

Can you...
_11)Wink.- i hope so
_12)Curl your tongue.- i think so
_13)Dance.- pshh can i??? hahah uh yeah i teach hula/tahitian classes
_14)Touch your nose with your tongue.-almost
_15)Wiggle your ears.-nope
_16)Cross your eyes.- fo sho

What do you think about...
_17)Gays.- theyre really nice and i dont see why anyone should ever be homophobic
_18)Abortion.- thats up to the person... like... if you got raped you dont want that reminder for the rest of your life... unno?
_19)Pre-Marital Sex.- if its with some one you care about then sure
_20)Virgins.- theyre people?
_21)Religion.- eh im catholic... and i think its kinda lame o that theyres so many rules that apply to it...
_22)Inter-racial relationships.- are beautiful
_23)Death sentence.- nobody deserves to die

_24)Your top 5 bands.- mustard plug/tsunami bomb/the adicts/rufio/elvis costello
_25)Favorite food.- teddy grams!!
_26)Subject.- uh whichever one gives the least homework
_27)Book.- silence of the lambs (its way betta then the movie)
_28)Store.- flashbacks
_29)Web*site.- no se
_30)Clothing brand.- meh.. victorias secret... im not big on the whole "brand" thing
_31)Country.- tahiti
_32)State.- cali represent bitch
_33)City.- l.a.

Last but not least...
_34)Why should we accept you? because i love lexi and erica to pieces

sorry the pics are gimongous
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