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 __1)Name. Emily
__3)DOB. 2/16/89
__4)Gender. Female
__5)Where do you live. Lombard, IL
__6)Status. um, not sure.
__7)Religion. I don't know. Let's just say I'm Buddhist.
__8)Piercings. belly button and ears (soon to be triple pierced)
_9)Tattoos. 16th b-day, and it'll be there.
_10)Drink?Smoke?Drugs?.  um, not lately because of track. 

Can you...
_11)Wink. yuh
_12)Curl your tongue. yes
_13)Dance. yee-uh, i'm a white girl pee-imp.
_14)Touch your nose with your tongue. not quite
_15)Wiggle your ears. yes ma'am. 
_16)Cross your eyes. yippy skippy

think about...
_17)Gays. i don't have any problem whatsoever with it. some of my best friends are gay, and they're hilarious.
_18)Abortion. depends on the circumstances, but for the most part I think you got yourself pregnant, so put the child up for adoption. unless you were raped or your life is truly at risk.
19)Pre-Marital Sex. it's gonna happen.
_20)Virgins. I am one, I have lots of respect for someone that keeps the V-card.
_21)Religion. my god, don't get me started. I'm sick of religion being shoved down my throat.
_22)Inter-racial relationships. I don't see them and differently that I do with white-white or black-black, etc.
_23)Death sentence. an eye for an eye? I think it's ridiculous, they're killing killers, therefore, they're no different.

_24)Your top 5 bands. Bright Eyes, Azure Ray, Rilo Kiley, Norah Jones, and Rocking Horse Winner
_25)Favorite food. Italian
_26)Subject. English 
_27)Book. Smack
_28)Store. H & M 
_29)Web*site. favorite site? uh, I don't have one, sorry.  _
30)Clothing brand. anything that's hella- colorful. _

31)Country. Italia
_32)State. Missouri
_33)City. Florence

Last but not least...
_34)Why should we accept you? (If you respond with why shouldnt you accept me, or because I'm hot then you will automatically be banned) because...... I found this under a girl's user info in with_each_word and I'm uber friendly and I get along with almost everyone.


mmkay- I have one normal picture and two where i'm in my ma's wedding dress-

long story as to why i'm in it.


Ciao Bellas,



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