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1)Name~ Erica
2)Age. 15
3)DOB. Jan. 14th 1989
4)Gender. Chick
5)Where do you live. Chula Vista, CA
6)Status. in use ;)
7)Religion. no but i belive in god.
8)Piercings. ear
9)Tattoos. none but getting one on my back
10)Drink?Smoke?Drugs?. sometimes i drink, I hardly ever smoke, no drugs.

Can you...
11)Wink. yup
12)Curl your tongue. mhm
13)Dance. skanking is a form of dnacing so yea
14)Touch your nose with your tongue. ALMOST!!
15)Wiggle your ears. nope :(
16)Cross your eyes. DUH!!

What do you think about...
17)Gays. LOVE EM!
18)Abortion. I don't agree with it but if you were raped and you got preg. I'd have to say yes, if you were being an idiot and ur under the age of 20 having sex without protection ugh no! get a life & if you are older i guess its ur choice but when i found out my mom had 3 it killed me because I'm really alone
19)Pre-Marital Sex. well its your choice i guess...i dont have a problem with it ;) haha
20)Virgins. thats awsome if your a virgin!! i wish i was one!!
21)Religion. well it depends on what type of family you were born into and what kind of things you worship. i wish i had the time to learn more about god.
22)Inter-racial relationships. there is nothing at all wrong with them and if you think there is you have some major issues.
23)Death sentence. well when they plead someone guilty you better be DAMN sure your right because the last thing you wanna do under gods name is take someone's life!!

24)Your top 5 bands. Fear before the march of flames, blood brothers, underminded, please mr grave digger,the faint& underoath
25)Favorite food. ah shit food makes me sick a lot but nething without meat.
26)Subject.Science me = nerd!!
27)Book. gossip girls
28)Store. american eagle& hollister
29)Web*site.offical merch site
30)Clothing brand. american eagle
33)City. rice lake<3

Last but not least...
34)Why should we accept you? because I'm ur #1 MOD baby!!

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